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Since one of the biggest obstacles for organizations today is the failure to adapt to change, leaders must have increasingly higher levels of innate mental toughness. In 1955, the average time on the Fortune 500 list was around 75 years. Today it is less than 15. For organizations to ascend and survive impending change, it requires strong leaders who can deliver on a more consistent level. Organizations must have comprehensive and innovative approaches in place to help people shift out of anxiety and turn their concerns into enthusiasm to move forward for the long term.

Ensuring that an organizations leadership is agile, resilient and mentally tough requires a focused effort that must begin with addressing the self-care needs of its leaders - mentally, emotionally, and physically. With deliberate practice, the ability for organizations to bounce back stronger and faster can be significantly improved enhancing the wellbeing of the organization as well as its leaders.

I help leaders:

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  • Develop mental toughness using 3 secrets of Fortune 500 leaders

  • Achieve and maintain peak performance during change using science-based approaches and my ground-breaking “Strategic Breather”

  • Prevent burnout and breakdown using 7 effective self-care practices

  • A leadership team who can maintain optimal performance through change.

  • Leaders who are present, attentive, and capable of guiding their teams through good times and bad

  • Focused and resilient employees taking their cues from those who lead them: strong, forward-thinking leaders.

Peak Performance • Mental Toughness • Nurture Self

I transform the way leaders approach change and adversity with my ground-breaking “Strategic Breather."